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Tooth & Snare

Nepenthes villosa BCP

Nepenthes villosa BCP

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Nepenthes villosa is a phenomenal species hailing from mount Kinabalu and Tambuyukon where it is found at the highest elevation among all others on Borneo. N. villosa is known for its squat pitchers, hairy foliage, and for having a very "toothy" peristome. It is closely related to N. edwardsiana and is the only nepenthes with two rows of teeth! 

This plant is the uncommon BCP clone N391-01 from Kinabalu which differs from the more common Borneo Exotics clone BE-3225. N. villosa never disappoints. It is a very rewarding plant to grow, start growing yours today.  

This plant is recommended for experienced growers that are able to provide consistent highland conditions. This exact plant ships potted.

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