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Nepenthes diabolica x hamata (Smilodon) AW

Nepenthes diabolica x hamata (Smilodon) AW

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Nepenthes Smilodon is certainly one of the best hybrids ever produced. It combines the complementary N. diabolica with N. hamta into one killer plant. The peristome on N. "Smilodon" has teeth that are highly prominent that age to black. The pitcher body is mottled blood-red with fine hairs covering it. This plant is significantly faster than either of its parents. If you've struggled with N. diabolica in the past, this one will bring you close to the traits of true Red Hairy Hamata all while being super vigorous and super cool!   

This plant was produced in tissue culture by Andreas Wistuba as clone 01. 

This plant is considered highland. This exact plant ships potted.

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