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Nepenthes clipeata AW

Nepenthes clipeata AW

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Nepenthes clipeata is from mount kelam at an elevation of 600-800 meters. it is known for having round and prominently peltate leaves in which the tendril emerges 1/3 from the tip of the leaf on mature plants. The pitchers are cream colored and fluted with a globose base making it easily distinguishable from other species. It is a very attractive plant which, due to extreme poaching, is on the edge of extinction from its natural habitat. This is your chance to grow N. clipeata as it will soon be lost in the wild!

This plant is responsibly sourced from Andreas Wistuba where it is propagated in tissue culture under the clone 03N.     

This plant is easy to grow under houseplant conditions. This exact plant ships potted.

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