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Drosera Regia - Royal Sundew

Drosera Regia - Royal Sundew

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Drosera regia is the ancestral sundew. With its magnificently long leaves covered in sticky glistening tentacles, its thick black roots growing out of a creeping rhizome, and its large pink flowers unlike any in the genus, the royal sundew is truly the most unique sundew. 

The Royal Sundew can only be found in a handful of populations in Bainskloof, South Africa where it grows in well draining but wet peaty soil. This species can see 90F in the heat of summer and will form a hibernacula when temperatures are near freezing in winter. Leaves of Drosera regia will emerge from its roots and along the rhizome following wildfires and will grow to exceed two feet in length. 

This plant is from montane elevations and should be grown as a highland plant with nightly temperature drops. This exact plant ships potted. Add the coolest sundew to your collection!   

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